Example of Peeker’s Advantage from two different POVs (Peeker on right)

What is Peeker’s Advantage?

Peeker’s Advantage has always been an intriguing topic to me. It was that interesting combination of computer science mixed with my video game experience.

For those who don’t know, Peeker’s Advantage is something that has been plaguing multiplayer video games forever now. The term specifically refers to one person “peeking”…

There’s nothing more powerful and buzzworthy than automation, machine learning, and AI in this age of technology and software. Every day there’s more and more of a push for more machine learning (and AI) to be used in products and services. And it’s only beginning to catch on more with…

Our favorite front-end library: React

You might be wondering why even bother with React Hooks if working with classes has been going well. Or perhaps you might’ve even just ignored it, thinking it’s not really applicable for your application.

Well, I’m here to dispel all (some… probably just a little 😅) of your worries about…

What to expect from my blog and of myself.

  • Updates at least weekly (or faster depending on content) on this blog
  • Content on LeetCode, Programming, and Rainbow Six: Siege (weirdly enough)
  • I’ll also update sporadically about other things like food or music
A bowl of ramen with chashu and a ramen egg
Like this :)

Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with myself so I don’t forget everything I did by next week! Until then, stay safe.

Brian Li

I graduated from the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia with a Combined Major in Business and Computer Science (Honours).

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